Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bersih 2.0

I think BN government need a pair of this to clean up their mess. BN, this is for you.

Bersih 2.0 rally had just passed. What a day it was!

So much emotions, people were bold, some were scared. Some were angry, some were courageous.

So many did the impossible. Some walked the street of protest for the first time. Police worked so hard to set up road blocks without trying to get a bribe from you.

So much interpretations. Local medias RTM & TV3 claimed the protestors were causing chaos. Foreign medias Aljazeera & CNN reported M'sia police brutality towards peaceful protestors.

So much dramas. Agong's intervention. Najib promised permit for the rally. Hishammudin claimed the rally still illegal. Police insisting to cripple the traffic toward KL to limit the attendants of Bersih supporters. People were forbidden to wear yellow.

So much jokes. UMNO Youth calling out massive numbers of supporters to counter Bersih rally, but only 400 turn up. Still they claimed 'moral victory' although they only marched the street for 300m maximum. Perkasa Ibrahim Ali & their tens of thousands of members were no where to be seen in Titiwangsa.

Most of the Malaysians myself included, are ignorant & forgetful. Let us not forget. Bersih rally had already won by opening up our eyes to see what the courageous ordinary people can achieve, and what our frightful BN government can do in their desperation.

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