Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fujifilm X100 Panoramic

I only found out & tried Panoramic mode at 180 degree on my X100 yesterday. At first, I thought it's panoramic performs the same way like my previous Sony NEX3. But I find X100 is better. I could utilize X100's f2 lens to create shallower depth of field to create more 3D images. I could shot panoramic with X100 in low light situation with aperture f2 & at any shutter speed. Unlike NEX panoramic which fix it shutter speed at 1/500 whenever panoramic mode is activated.
Well. It kind of makes me appreciate X100 more. At first I was kind of wish X100 has a wider lens, but now I can shoot primarily with it's 35mm f2 lens & wider angle with it at really necessarily situations.
Tips for you. You can shoot panoramic with X100 from direction left towards right. Try direction from top towards bottom, you can squeeze wider scene into your frame to create shallower DOF.

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