Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fujifilm X100

It is so easy to like this camera. Eversince the various introductions of mirrorless cameras namely Olympus Pen series, Panasonic GF series, Sony NEX series & etc, Fujifilm stunts all of them with their X100.

I concur with many various positive reviews online regarding X100. It is one amazing camera that's able to deliver excellent image quality. There are some main aspects I really like about X100 are listed as below,
- 12mp, 1.5 crop APS-C sensor
- Sharp Fujinon 23mm f2 lens
- Hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder
- Really impressive high ISO image quality up to 6400

There a lot more little areas I like about it such as built in ND filter, high dynamic range, 720p movie, film styles & etc. I hope Fujifilm would introduce wide & tele conversion lenses specifically meant for X100.

This camera is so popular that many compared it's performance to M9, which I think it's totally an unfair comparison. Some compared it's price with the cheapest Sony NEX 3, which I think it's unfair too. You have to be objective & unbiased to really appreciate the price, value & performance of X100.

In terms of X100 pricing, some may find it a lot more expensive compared to various mirrorless cameras. My calculation findings are, if you buy an Olympus EP-2 + Lumix 20mm f1.7 + external EVF + Pen leather half case, the price sum up to be about the same as X100.

In terms of performance, if we put aside or just over look the fact that X100 is equipped with APS-C sensor, X100 is simply the best camera in it's own right. So stop comparing it's sensor to M9 full frame sensor, you will surely be a happier person.

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