Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pentax K-01

At first sight, I thought I was looking at a underwater camera casing. Apparently this is the much anticipated Pentax mirrorless system. You can read all the details of this cam here. Put aside it's appearance, I'm confident it is capable of producing beautiful & detail files with it's 1.5 crop, 16mp sensor. Ok. Let's come back to it's look. This is one damn ugly camera. To those who say "camera is just a tool", ya you right!

No wonder Pentax always failed to step up the competition with the rest. Look! The answer why Pentax is not selling well is right in front of you. Is this going to be the best selling camera? Is this going to lure or convert Micro 4/3 or Sony NEX users? Can Pentax confidently say that this camera is going to be a real threat to Olympus, Sony & Fujifilm? Marketing wise, how is Pentax going to sell this camera? 

Ok. Enough ranting. Ofter all, I'm not a Pentax user. Perhaps I shouldn't focus too much how the camera look. I should look at it as a tool to create images. People who are going to get this camera will find ways to work around it's 'yellowness'. Yes. Work around the camera & overcome it's limitation. Yes. Back to the basics photography. Image is all that matters.

By the way, the camera is designed by a Marc Newson who specialize in designing chairs. That is what you get when you hire a chair designer to design a camera. I'm curious to see what this new ugly lemon can do.
Isn't this picture look like a miniature pen drive?

Lets create our own mirrorless system. Take away the mirror & viewfinder from our K-5.  "Puff"!....... There you go, our mirrorless K-01.

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